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The world that SMCM is preparing its student for is facing a number of challenges daunting in scale and in scope that will require students to stand on principle and avoid the expedient choice.  By standing on a principle of respect for all members of the college community and defying the “market logic” which insists that might makes right is the only viable principle to practice, St. Mary’s will be demonstrating to its students that such things are possible and even how they are possible.  What more valuable education could we provide?

Paul Blundell, ’07
Sit-in Co-coordinator

During my many meetings with top SMCM administrators, I was astounded by their reliance on false choices, their lack of transparency about the budget and action options, and the speed with which they dismissed myself and my colleagues as unable to truly understand the choices administrators were facing. Meanwhile, St. Mary’s staff were unable to heat their homes, purchase prescription medicines, and buy gas to drive to work.

Caroline Selle, ’12
Co-coordinator, 2012 Living Wage Campaign

I came to the College 34 years ago and, for the most part, have been very proud of being a member of this special community. However, this sense of pride was severely challenged some years back when the College issued uniforms to its housekeeping staff so that they could feel school pride and a sense of belonging. Soon after, as a volunteer at the local soup kitchen, I noticed that…

Dr. Ho Nguyen
Professor of Economics, Emeritus Continue reading Dr. Ho Nguyen